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Our Mission: 

Walter's Walk is a non-profit organization that promotes psychological and emotional wellness through a team of dedicated and qualified professionals.  Quality care is provided to children and adults regardless of the ability to pay.



Walter's Walk provides psychological and emotional support to each and every individual in the greater St. Louis area who comes to us.


What we offer:         

                                            Individual and marriage/couples counseling

                                            Educational classes

                                             Spiritual guidance

                                             Groups and workshops

                                             Mind-body Health therapies

                                             Stress Management


How we differ: Walter's Walk provides services to individuals who suffer from mental illness and/or addictions through counseling and education, with an integrated treatment approach. Walter's Walk provides these services that are not traditionally covered by health insurance, or for those without access to health insurance, at little or no cost to the client.



We are members of the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce.